Como Jugar Your Boyfriend Game
Get Your Boyfriend – Juega gratis online en Elige entre 3 chicos que quieren una cita contigo. Irán a cenar y tendrás que mostrar tus técnicas de conquista! Llena la barra de amor antes que la cita se acabe para verlo nuevamente! Podrás conquistarlo hasta la tercera cita? Y gustará de ti? No hay nada como probar y ver lo que pasará.
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How many endings are there in your Boyfriend game?

Have fun Can I ask how many endings are in the original XOXO Droplets game? I just started playing it with the full game DLC and I’m having a blast but I’m kind of a completionist when it comes to dating sims and their endings. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! It depends on what you’d count as an “ending”. There’s two types of ending scenes: side scenes and final ending scenes. Final endings are the very last scene you see before the game closes out. Side scenes happen before the final scene and expand how long your ending is. You can only get one final ending scene no matter what but you can get many side scenes all in a row. Final Endings: -Main Boy Endings: One for each of the six boys. You get it by having a jerk as your official boyfriend at the end of the game. -Confession Endings: One for each of the six boys. You get it by getting the guy to a high enough Affection that you could make him your boyfriend, but you never do. At the end of the game you have the MC regret not making a move on him. -Side Boy Endings: One for Kam, Adrian, and Lucas. You get it by pursing the different methods of dating one of the side romance options. -Group Ending: Just one ending. You get it by having high Affection with all six boys and not dating anybody (including side boys). -Alone Ending: You get this by being entirely single at the end of the game and not friends with the whole group. Side Scenes: -Friendship Scenes: These are attained in different ways and there’s a scene for every character who has a sprite. All six main boys, the three side boys, and the six side characters. You can’t be dating one of the romance options if you want to get his friendship scene. -Clique Comments: There’s 60 of these, one for every clique member in every group. You get these in between other ending scenes by raising how much that clique member likes the MC. -Work Letters: You get these by working, I believe, around 60 times at a job location. So either way, there’s a pretty decent amount of endings to get, haha. Good luck to you on your playthroughs and thank you for the question <3! —The GB Patch Blog answers asks and reblogs fanworks for our games regularly. If we seemed to have missed your GB Patch related content you're absolutely welcome to get in touch to point it out to us ❤ : Have fun Ver respuesta completa

What is the your Boyfriend game?

Como Jugar Your Boyfriend Game “I’ll do anything for you.” One day, you’re enjoying peace and quiet while sitting on a park bench, when you come across a strange man sitting next to you. Suddenly, he reveals that he wants to be your boyfriend and asks you out to dinner. Despite rejecting or accepting his offer, your paths cross with this eager stranger several times.

  • And as time goes on, there definitely seems to be more to him than meets the eye.
  • Your Boyfriend is an 18+ Horror Visual Novel by Inverted Mind INC.
  • Where you deal with a man’s unhealthy desire to have you over the course of five days, no matter who gets hurt.
  • The demo was first released on September 19th, 2019.

There are both SFW and NSFW versions of the game still in development; Days 1, 2, and 3 are available to download from the creator’s Patreon as of this writing. Visit the game’s website here and download the demo here,
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Is your Boyfriend game free?

The demo is free! So give it a try and support it’s development on Patreon!
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How is is Peter in your Boyfriend game?

Personality – Peter is a person who has a love-struck nature within his own heart; he is an obsessive, possessive, unstable, violent, Peter also tends to stalk whomever he loves most, which is Y/N themselves. and a desperate man that goes great lengths to show how much he loves the player in a twisted way.
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What gender is yn in your boyfriend game?

Trivia –

Y/N’s physical features are all based on the player’s real-life appearance or however they want Y/N to be, it is their choice. Y/N’s gender is gender-neutral, the player can decide what their gender is.

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Who is Lucy boyfriend?

Overview – Lucy is Y/N’s unemployed roommate, her lack of income forces onto Y/N to pay her share of the rent. Lucy is unintentionally unemployed since she never had a call back after an interview.
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What is a kissing game?

Kissing games are games and activities that involve, and often focus on, kissing, They usually have few rules and are played in groups, although some can be played by only two people. The intimacy level involved may range from quick pecks on the cheek or lips to full making out sessions. Some kissing games are modern, but others began in antiquity.
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Is Peter from your Boyfriend pan?

Peter is a pansexual character from Your Boyfriend.
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Why did Peter and MJ break up in the game?

Early history – Mary Jane was born in Montoursville, Pennsylvania around 1995. While not much about her early life is discussed, it seems that she lived alone with her father, with whom she had a difficult relationship. While in middle school, Mary Jane became best friends with Peter Parker and Harry Osborn, a friendship which would last into their adulthood.
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How old is Peter in the game?

Marvel’s Spider-Man video game series – The character was developed primarily for the 2018 video game Marvel’s Spider-Man, and later appeared in its downloadable content (DLC) expansion pack, Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps, both for the PlayStation 4,

  • Peter Parker was a bright, intelligent and sincere, yet shy, outcast and withdrawn 15-year-old high school student, who gained spider-like superhuman abilities after being bitten by a genetically modified spider during a field trip.
  • Employing a secret identity, Parker uses these abilities to protect the citizens of New York City as the superhero Spider-Man, in order to atone for the murder of his paternal uncle and foster father Ben Parker at the hands of a robber, something for which he was partially responsible and which constantly haunts him, after initially attempting to use his abilities for personal gain.

Eight years into his superhero career, the now 23-year-old Parker has become an experienced and masterful crime-fighter who comes into conflict with various supervillains, but struggles to balance both his personal and superhero lives. He is employed as a research lab assistant under his friend and mentor Dr.

  1. Otto Octavius and is aided in his fight by intrepid Daily Bugle reporter Mary Jane Watson, his former high school classmate and ex-girlfriend, and NYPD Captain Yuri Watanabe,
  2. In his civilian life, Parker is supported by his Aunt May,
  3. Spider-Man’s adventure brings him into contact with other characters, including Afro-Puerto-Rican-American teenager Miles Morales and his parents, NYPD Officer Jefferson Davis and Rio Morales ; Oscorp CEO and New York mayor Norman Osborn ; and Silver Sablinova, leader of the private military company Sable International.

Parker makes a minor appearance in the follow-up to Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, wherein he helps his protege Miles Morales subdue the Rhino at the beginning of the game before departing for Symkaria to join Mary Jane in covering the civil war taking place there as a freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle and entrusts Miles to look after the city, gifting him a new red and blue suit similar to Peter’s own original suit, which Miles eventually shifts from after designing a new black and red suit with his best friend Ganke Lee,

Throughout the game, Peter is revealed to have set up AI training challenges throughout the city, which Miles can undertake to earn skill points which he can use to uprgade his abilities. He returns at the end of the game where he praises Miles’ growth as a hero after the latter stops the war between the Underground and Roxxon, compliments his new suit and heads off to fight crime alongside him.

Later in-game dialogue with Miles reveals that he is taking a hiatus from crime-fighting to focus on renovating Aunt May’s old house in Queens, which he inherited and where he and Mary Jane have decided to move in together, while also focusing on finding a new job with Miles suggesting he take up a teaching job.
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Is Boyfriend to death free?

Boyfriend to Death is an interactive visual novel that is classified as “horrorporn” due to its heavy use of sexual themes and violence. It was developed by Gurobob, Darqx, and Electric Puke. Originally just a joke between friends, it became a game structured like a dating simulator in which the player must try to survive for as long as possible while being held captive by one of the main characters.
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What does y/n n mean in wattpad?

Contents –

  • 1 Examples
  • 2 Discussion
    • 2.1 Y/N vs Mary Sue
    • 2.2 Confusion
  • 3 Meta/Further Reading
  • 4 References

Y/N (short for “Your name”) is a genre of fanfiction, common in Tumblr, Wattpad and Twitter imagines in younger fandoms, where the writer lets the reader insert themselves into the story: “Y/N” (or “(YN)” and other variations) is meant to be replaced by the reader’s name while reading.
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Who created your Boyfriend game?

“mmmmmmmmmm.MMMMMMMMMMMMM!” – Fuboo streams ‘Your Boyfriend’ Link (Said that for 10 seconds straight.) Melissa King, (born September 3, 1983) known professionally as Fuboo, and is the creator of Your Boyfriend. Fuboo started planning and creating Your Boyfriend concepts back in 2018. The game was released as a demo on September 19, 2019.
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Does Lucy marry?

Como Jugar Your Boyfriend Game
Lucy Dragneel
Alias Princess (姫 Hime) Natsu’s Controller (夏のコントローラ, Natsu no kontorōra) Beautiful (by Loke ) LuLu (by Levy ) Big Sister (by Imitatia ) Luce Lu-chan Lucy-san
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 43 (Debut)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Professional Status
Affiliation Fairy Tail Heartfilia Clan
Previous Affiliation Sorcerer Magazine Heartfilia Konzern
Guild Mark Location Back of Right Hand
Occupation S-Class Mage
Previous Occupation Reporter Gravure Model
Team Team Dragneel Team Natsu
Partner(s) Natsu Dragneel
Base of Operations Fairy Tail Building
Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Natsu Dragneel (Husband) Zeref Dragneel (Brother in Law) Anna Heartfilia (Ancestor) Jude Heartfilia (Father,Deceased) Layla Heartfilia (Mother,Deceased) Nashi Dragneel (Eldest Daughter) Liddan Dragneel (Eldest Son) Layla Dragneel (Daughter) Jude Dragneel (Son) Mavis Dragneel (Triplet Daughter) Igneel Dragneel (Triplet Son) Luna Dragneel (Triplet Daughter)
Counterpart Lucy Ashley Lucy Heartfilia (Future self)
Magic Spatial Magic ( Celestial Spirit Magic ) Unison Raid Urano Metria Ushi no Koku Mairi (temporary) Real Nightmare (temporary) Fairy Sphere Gottfried Star Dress Earth Magic (via Star Dress ) Regulus (via Star Dress ) Water Magic (via Star Dress )
Weapons Normal Whip Fleuve d’étoiles
Debut Vol. I – Chapter 1

Lucy (Heartfilia) Dragneel is a Fairy Tail Celestial Spirit mage and mother to Nashi, Liddan, Layla, Jude, and the triplets, Igneel, Mavis, and Luna. She is married to Natsu Dragneel and has accomplished S-Class in Fairy Tail, She is a character from the original Fairy Tail series.
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Does Lucy and Tom get together?

This story contains spoilers for Downton Abbey: A New Era Julian Fellowes, the creator of Downton Abbey, has clearly been preparing for Maggie Smith’s departure from the series for quite some time. Smith has portrayed the dowager countess, Violet Crawley, a character who has become best known for her devastating zingers and obsession with maintaining tradition at Downton.

  • Even in early episodes, Violet would fret over the legacy she was leaving behind.
  • Fellowes heavily intimated that Smith might depart the series when he inserted a storyline in the first Downton Abbey movie, released in 2019, in which Violet receives some bad news from a doctor.
  • I had some medical tests a few weeks ago, and I went up to London to hear the results.

And I may not have long to live,” she tells her granddaughter Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) in the first film. “It won’t be too quick, but of course, you can never get a London doctor to be precise.” It was an odd conversation to write into the end of the film: The dowager does not pass away or even look ill in the movie.

  1. Perhaps Fellowes was hedging his bets in case Smith did not agree to return for the sequel.
  2. Luckily for fans, Violet does appear in Downton Abbey: A New Era,
  3. But as the film reveals, her days are numbered.
  4. Throughout A New Era, characters repeatedly discuss the imminent demise of the dowager countess.

Early in the film, Violet finds out that she inherited a villa in the South of France from an old paramour, but the man’s widow is contesting the inheritance. (It wouldn’t be Downton Abbey without someone contesting an inheritance.) Still, Violet would like to keep the villa and gift it to Sybbie, the child of Tom Branson and the now-dead Sybil Crawley.

Unlike her cousins, Sybbie stands to inherit no house upon her father’s death. Violet is too fragile to travel, so half the family—Robert (Hugh Bonneville), Cora (Elizabeth McGovern), Edith (Laura Carmichael), Tom (Alan Leech), and a few others—decide to visit the mysterious man’s widow and son in France.

Meanwhile, Lady Mary and the dowager countess host a film crew making a Hollywood feature at Downton. Though Robert and Cora worry that the dowager countess may die while they’re traveling, Mary says she plans to write immediately with any news. Como Jugar Your Boyfriend Game (l-r) Harry Hadden-Paton, Laura Carmichael, Tuppence Middleton, and Allen Leech in Downton Abbey: A New Era Ben Blackall—Focus Features The rest of the film is occupied by a few minor plots involving the many, many characters that have come to define Downton Abbey, Tom marries Lucy (Tuppence Middleton), the secret daughter of a cousin named Maude Bagshaw (Imelda Staunton). By the end of the movie, the two have a baby. The film crew at Downton has to pivot from a silent film to a talkie, and Lady Mary lends her voice to the movie. The film’s director (Hugh Dancey) falls in love with Mary because every handsome man falls in love with Mary, but she rejects his flirtations because she’s still married to an irksomely absent Henry Talbot (Matthew Goode, who did not return for the film). Elsewhere, movie star Guy Dexter (Dominic West) takes a shine to Downton butler Thomas Barrow (Robert James-Collier). And while the two strangely never share an intimate moment in the film, towards the end of the movie, Guy invites Thomas to travel with him as a romantic partner in the guise of a “dresser.” Thomas accepts. Two of the film’s biggest dramatic turns end up being fake-outs. Cora believes she has cancer but learns by the end of the film that she is just sick with anemia. Robert thinks that he may be the illegitimate son of the mysterious Frenchman who left his mother the villa, but Violet dispels that notion from her deathbed. She shows the family letters between the two love birds to prove that nothing physical ever happened. It turns out that Violet Crawley, despite her conservative views and preoccupation with maintaining old-world values at Downton, had quite a wild youth. As a young woman she nearly ran away with a Russian prince and later had a dalliance with the aforementioned Frenchman. Though she frets in the hours before she dies that she will be remembered as some sort of scarlet woman, Violet no doubt will be remembered for her barbs and her wit. When Violet finally does die, she is surrounded by family. For her funeral, Mary dons her grandmother’s brooch. Though technically Robert is now the head of the family, Mary was most similar to her grandmother: They both could be cruel and fearsome but also smart and brave. She seems set to take over her grandmother’s role as the de facto head of the house. In the film’s final scene, Tom and Lucy visit Downton with their new baby, and Violet watches the family gather from a portrait above the mantle. Write to Eliana Dockterman at [email protected],
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Are Lucy and Mario still together?

Personal life – Between 2010 and 2012, Mecklenburgh dated and was engaged to Mario Falcone, but this relationship ended in 2012. In 2017, she started dating actor Ryan Thomas, after they met participating in Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls together.
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How many endings does your boyfriend have to Death?

These visual novels contain examples of: –

100% Completion : Getting all the endings, every CG and all in-game music qualifies as this. In the first game, this isn’t really rewarded (you get chibis of the guys on the death collection screens and that’s it), but the second one gives you a bonus “Extras” page with sketches and scenes that were not implemented in the game, and even mentions this trope by name. The Alcoholic : The game begins with the protagonist waking up from a night where they were “so drunk they almost forgot their own name”. This is further explored in Sano and Strade’s routes where the main character admits their drinking might have something to do with some serious emotional instabilities. And I Must Scream : In the “To what life?” ending, Rire puts your soul into a bottle, where you can’t be heard and are essentially trapped for eternity. An Arm and a Leg : This only occurs if Sano wants to keep you. Lawrence does this, too. And Show It to You : Strade does this. Art Evolution : Happens in the second game, most notably when comparing Ren’s sprites and Sano’s sprites Bad-Guy Bar : Route 66. Better to Die than Be Killed : In one of the endings of Strade’s route, after seeing the organs in the fridge, if you lose all your sanity, you kill yourself with a screwdriver, denying Strade the chance to murder you in an even more horrific fashion,

The one for Strade has him putting a Shock Collar on you as he decides that he wants to keep you forever, The one for Rire has him claiming your soul and putting it in a bottle. But at least you live, Sano has three survival endings. The first has you being made part doll, The second has you becoming a partner in his sick experiments, The final one has him and Akira putting a mind control insect into you and then letting you go,

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But Thou Must! : In Strade’s “He loved you too much.” ending, the only option you get at the end is to “Moan”, Call-Back : In the second game, on the website where you look for a bar to visit an advertisement for the Snapdragon, the bar where Rire meets you, can be seen.

Several of Ren’s endings are essentially repeats of scenes with Strade and the player from the first game, with you taking up the role of Strade and Ren taking up the role of the player. You even make him pick between two weapons to torture him with.

Can’t Get Away with Nuthin’ : No matter what choice you make in the first game, it’ll never end well for you. The Cameo : Sano gets one in the second game. Extras reveal Rire had scenes where he was going to have one, but they didn’t make it to the final cut.

The first game: WARNING DO NOT USE THIS GAME TO TRIGGER, UPSET OR HURT YOURSELF IN ANYWAY. That was never the intention of this game. This game was not developed so you could upset yourself. This game was developed for fetishists by fetishists. DO NOT USE OUR WORK FOR THE INTENTION OF BEING IN PAIN. That is not what it is for. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. The second game: Please read through these before opening your game! Make sure you are comfortable with the themes before playing. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

Creepy Twins : Sano and his twin brother, Akira. Deal with the Devil : In one of Rire’s endings you agree to trade over your soul in exchange for being released from his torture. Naturally he doesn’t bother to specify what kind of conditions you’ll be released into. ◊, Rire by Gatobob ◊, and Rire ◊, Despair Event Horizon : Many endings require emptying your Sanity Meter, Dies Wide Open : Strade. Downer Ending : Most of the endings. The first game is the worst in this regard as nearly all of the endings result in some form of horrific death at the hands of the boyfriends, and the endings where you actually survive aren’t a whole lot better. Eaten Alive :

If you give up while Sano’s taunting you with fire, he feeds you to his pet. In the sequel, one of Vincent’s endings has this happen to the player character. And they enjoy it.

Erotic Asphyxiation : In “Strade loved you too much.”, his heart will turn bleeding red, triggering this death sequence. Exactly What It Says on the Tin : Boyfriend to Death sums it up pretty well, Eye Scream : Twice in Strade’s routes, and once in Sano’s,

Evolving Title Screen : In the sequel, getting all the endings for a character leads to the title screen gaining color, and getting all the endings leads to a fully-colored title screen. Failure Is the Only Option : No matter what you do in the first game, you’ll always get a bad ending; even the “survival” endings really aren’t that much better fates,

Fan Disservice : In the sequel, Strade gets a Shirtless Scene as a frozen corpse with his chest cut open. Fanservice : A few examples, most notably Cain’s sprite that has him fully nude, and there’s the occasional gratutious Shirtless Scene, Faux Affably Evil : Strade somehow manages to be both friendly and upbeat, even whilst he’s jamming a drill through your foot.

The posters in the protagonist’s room include one for “Sick Little Game”, and the advertisements for the three bars are just filled with little nods to the guys’ true natures. In the second game, if you meet Lawrence at the bar, you’ll run into Ren, who proceeds to buy drinks for the three of you. If you choose not to drink, Ren is uncomfortable since Lawrence isn’t drinking either. If you drink yours or Ren’s, they just smile normally. If you drink Lawrence’s, Ren is actually shocked. but then grins as you finish it. Later, after Lawrence attacks the player after Ren leaves, the player becomes drowsy. Lawrence’s drink was drugged, but Ren isn’t picky about who he takes home.

Gaslighting : Rire is particularly apt at it. He likes slowly driving you insane, as it is more entertaining. Gender-Neutral Writing : The player character’s gender is never specified, and even the adult scenes are written in a way which doesn’t imply a specific gender.

Ren’s has the player escaping alive and agreeing to be his friend, giving them their number and promising to talk to him, implied to be the first step in him getting over his Survivor Guilt over Strade’s death. Lawrence’s is the player professing that they have also seen the river, making him not alone, arguably for the first time in his life, with them mutually agreeing to have fun in the world with everything dying around them. Vincent has the player forgive him for his actions and agreeing to stay with him, in some cases also becoming a werewolf and joining his pack. Cain’s has the player stay with him, with the player who’s also implied to be not human.

Gratuitous Foreign Language : Strade slips into German a few times during his route. Guide Dang It! : In the second game, unlocking Ren’s route involves choosing a specific dialogue action, which is easy enough, but it also involves performing an action in-game that seemingly doesn’t serve a purpose and just comes off as weird and then clicking on a background detail that doesn’t highlight itself and is easily missable.

The game also never tells you that there is even a path for Ren, with the only hint being the fact that he has an affection meter. Assuming you knew little about the game beforehand, you wouldn’t be blamed for not knowing Ren even has a path, Hello, : The game opens with the player character joking that they were so drunk they almost forgot their own name, after which players must input a name.


Humans Are Interesting : Rire seems constantly amused by your relative frailty. I’m a Humanitarian :

Strade. And in certain playthroughs you too. In the sequel, Ren eats Strade’s heart, and can eat yours too. Vincent eats you as well, if he wolfs out.

Interface Screw :

In the “You took too many drugs” ending with Lawrence, you’re greeted by several of these, including a option merely reading “STOP” multiplying and being the only option to choose, and the dialogue box merely reading “no no no no no no no no no no.” Cain’s “You ate yourself” ending has a more subtle example, with the player’s health meter completely depleting then completely rising again. Repeatedly.

Karma Houdini : No matter what you do in the first game, your captors will always get off scot-free in the endings, Last Lousy Point : Getting all the endings falls victim to this trope. By the time you are close to getting all the endings, it’s likely you’re going to wind up merely finding a different way to get an ending you’ve already seen.

This is worsened by how some endings require you to have a certain affection level, meaning you may have to pick the exact dialogue choices they’d like, which can be very difficult to figure out. Life Meter : You have one, along with a Sanity Meter, Living Doll Collector : Sano loves dolls. Male Frontal Nudity : All of the gentlemen get this at some point, the sole exception being Rire.

Lawrence is an interesting case, as his route doesn’t ever show him naked- only a bonus CG unlocked after completing the game does. Medical Horror : The majority of Sano’s route is spent strapped to an operating table while he performs all kinds of strange and bizarre experiments on you.

Multiple Endings : All routes have several. Crowning mention goes to Ren’s route, which has 27 endings. : Serial Killer Strade runs a “red room” stream on the Dark Web. If your Sanity Meter runs out while he’s torturing you down in his basement, he turns you into his newest “star”, Nightmare Fetishist : When the writers say it’s “for fetishists by fetishists”, they’re appealing to this crowd.

Non Standard Game Over :

It is entirely possible to completely derail Lawrence’s route by choosing to run left when he attacks. and promptly get killed by Vincent’s motorcycle. In Lawrence’s “It was beautiful.” ending, the “You Died” screen is replaced by “You’re Dying”, and cuts to a bizarre scene with Ashe that ends in a fade to the title screen.

Only One Name : Rire and Strade. Justified in Rire’s case, since he’s a demon. Strade. not so much. Playing with Syringes : The majority of Sano’s route involves this. Please, I Will Do Anything! :

Strade’s “You did everything he said.” ending snowballs from here. Ren’s route has this in a possible Call-Back to Strade, with it going in the more common direction.

Press X to Not Die : Several of the games more critical choices run on a strict time limit. Psychotic Smirk : Strade is the most notable example due to being a Perpetual Smiler, but damn-near everyone exhibits this at one point or another. Puppeteer Parasite : “Sano let you go.” Relationship Values : All of the gentlemen have these.

Rire and Cain’s are hidden- they’re visible, but they have no color until the very end. Sadist : Strade really, really likes to hurt people, and how much “entertainment” you provide him determines whether he takes a fondness to you or not. Sanity Meter : You have one along with a health meter, and so does Lawrence.

Vincent has an anger meter. Scary Teeth : One of the many ways Rire reveals his true nature. Screen Shake : Mild in Rire’s route, very mild in Sano’s route, but very heavy in Strade’s route; don’t play the latter’s route if you have epilepsy issues. Shock Collar : Strade gives you one in “He’ll keep you forever.”

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Ren also wears one in the first game, and gives one to you in the second game if you take his route,

Shirtless Scene : A few at certain points.

Rire gets a downplayed version; his shirt stays on, but it’s open. Lawrence gets a straight example, and on more than one occasion. It helps that he wears his sweatpants so low they look ready to completely fall off. Strade gets one, but he’s dead during it. Vincent takes it to the logical extreme and seems to have a shirt allergy.

Snuff Film : How Strade makes a living. In fact, in one ending he records himself slitting the main character’s throat. Spawn Broodling : Sano’s “You hatched some new babies!” Sunglasses at Night : Rire never removes his sunglasses, except when he wants to show off his glowing yellow demon eyes. Tentacle Rope : Rire’s demonic nature allows him to summon large black tentacles, a power which he uses to great effect. That Was Not a Dream : In Rire ‘s route, he tells you that all the strange things that happened the previous night must have been the protagonist’s nightmare. Of course, he’s lying through his teeth. Torture Cellar : Strade’s basement is one of these. Not only does it have the tools that he uses to torture you, but also the webcam and other equipment he employs for his Snuff Film streams on the Dark Web, Tongue Trauma : Both Lawrence’s and Cain have endings that involve ripping the player character’s tongue out. Video Game Caring Potential : Surprisingly enough, there are several opportunities in both games to be nice even though you really, really wouldn’t have to be. The best endings in the second game all have elements of this in play. Video Game Cruelty Potential : You can attack Ren in the basement if you have a knife during Strade’s route, which will lead to, Video Game Cruelty Punishment : Yeah, go ahead, slice open poor little Ren’s arm with that knife. Strade will be very pleased with you, What Happened to the Mouse? : Rire is not even mentioned during the second game, if you don’t count his cameo in the bonuses section, This might have something to do with the fact that Rire’s creator, Darqx, didn’t participate in development. Wicked Cultured : Rire pretty much embodies this trope. You Are Already Dead : Once Rire starts his little game, he will always catch you and you will most certainly have your life taken from you in some way, You Are Not Alone : Lawrence’s “You both know the truth.” ending is this in full-force, since the MC reaffirms him he’s not the only one who’s seen the river. You Got Spunk! : Rire is more entertained if you play this way. You Won’t Feel a Thing! : Averted. Sano tells you the the injection will make you feel everything and stay conscious, though you won’t be able to react. You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry! : Akira, helped by a Relative Button,

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How long is your boyfriend game?

Trivia –

The game will include a total of 5 Days. There will be multiple endings once the full game has been fully released. Day 3 (beta) can only be downloaded off of Fuboo’s Patreon and Day 4 is in development. Despite the creator’s explicit warnings not to post footage of the other days from the Patreon beyond Day 1 until the full game releases, some people didn’t listen and uploaded the gameplay to YouTube anyway, this resulted in said videos getting taken down by copyright claims. There is a low chance that a jumpscare may appear at the beginning of the game, there used to be a huge chance, but it was suddenly decreased. The developers were considering adding a gender option for the player at the beginning, however, Fuboo doesn’t recall why they didn’t go with it in the first place. Estimated price of a future full game will be about 3-5 dollars. However, the developers are still planning the price. Peter has expressed some 4th-wall awareness after being named “The Fuboo”,

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How many endings does Hatoful boyfriend have?

Carve it into your soul, kid!
Major plot spoilers follow.


Some articles need a little help hatching. Help Endings break out of its shell !

Hatoful Boyfriend contains a variety of endings. The original game sported 15 endings with the remake adding 1 more ending to that list. Holiday Star has only one ending as it took a more episodic approach to storytelling. At the time of this article being written, the number of endings in MIRROR is unknown.
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Are there multiple endings in Boyfriend Dungeon?

Como Jugar Your Boyfriend Game Have you ever been hacking your way through a horde of monsters and thought, “You know, this sword is really nice. I wish I could date it”? No? Well you certainly will in Boyfriend Dungeon, a combination isometric dungeon crawler and dating sim where you date your weapons after fighting together in the “dunj”, the in-game slang for this hot new workout in Verona Beach, California.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC/Mac Price: $19.99 Release Date: August 11, 2021 Availability: Digital Only Playtime: 5-11 hours Developer: Kitfox Games Genre: Dating Sim/Roguelike Languages: 🇬🇧🇫🇷🇩🇪🇷🇺🇯🇵🇨🇳🇧🇷

You arrive in town at the beginning of summer, ready to spend the season meeting new people and having fun away from home. Your cousin, Jesse, helps you settle in and sets out to get you a date—you’ve never been on one before and are nervous about the whole thing.

Jesse suggests you try out the dunj to boost your confidence, scheduling a sword fighting lesson for you with his friendwho turns out to be a sword. Thus begins your adventure into dungeoning and dating. There are seven weapons you can date—three men, one woman, two nonbinary characters, and a cat (the purrrrely platonic option)—and two more coming in future DLC.

Each one has their own story to explore as you go on dates, and if you’d prefer to stay friends with them there are opportunities to say so. Polyamory is encouraged, so you won’t be dinged or miss out on content by dating everyone at once. Character customization is simple and you can change your appearance at any time using the mirror in your apartment.

  • You can set your pronouns to she/her, he/him, or they/them, and the dialogue will reflect that choice.
  • Your closet starts off with a few clothes, including a hijab and a turban, and you’ll be able to buy or craft more with recipes you find in the dungeons.
  • The overworld shows your available dates, along with the dungeons and three shops where you can buy clothes, gifts for your weapons, or crafting materials.

Combat in the dunj isn’t overly complex. The levels are procedurally generated and have optional challenge rooms. Each weapon wields differently and has a couple combo moves, plus perks you gain by leveling up your Love Rank with them through dates, gifts, and fighting.

  1. Zines give you an extra ability, like breathing fireballs or putting nearby enemies to sleep, and your med pack comes in the form of a tasty drink: boba, hot coffee, iced coffee, or soda.
  2. Whenever you reach a new Love Rank with a weapon, they’ll text you to set up a date.
  3. You’ll get to know each other over coffee, hang out at the beach, or go dancing at the club.

Most dialogue choices will keep you in your date’s good graces, and you’ll have the chance to stick to being friends if you’re not interested in romance. When you’re not in the dunj or out on a date, you’ll probably be in your apartment crafting or texting.

The characters text a lot, so be prepared for your phone to buzz frequently. Though Boyfriend Dungeon is a dating sim, there aren’t any branching paths or multiple endings to unlock. Ultimately, the game tells a linear story, but you get to choose which weapon(s) to take along for the ride. The visuals are, of course, gorgeous.

There’s a nice variety in location backgrounds, from a lovely park to a cute cat café. And the UI is pleasant to look at without being distracting. The character design is excellent, with a diverse cast of love interests who are beautiful in human and weapon form.

Each one has an amazing intro animation of their transformation à la magical girls. The voice acting is great, and includes such talents as ProZD (SungWon Cho) and Octopimp (Alexander Gross). And the writing is fun, witty, and peppered with sword puns. The dungeons each have their own atmosphere with unique hangouts to rest at with your bae blade of choice.

Plus, the soundtrack is jam packed with bops, creating a chill, summer vibe. Most of the dialogue is text, and only some lines are voiced, so there’s no option for subtitles. You can control the master, music, ambience, voice, and SFX volume levels. And there are options to turn off controller vibration and screen shake.

Though there’s only one difficulty level, you can turn on the Goddess Shield to take -50% damage in the dungeon. Only English has voiced lines, but the game can also be played in French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Portuguese. There are two content warning screens at the start of the game.

One allows you to turn off text messages from the Mom character. These can’t be enabled or disabled once you begin the game. The other warns that there are references to unwanted advances, stalking, and other forms of emotional manipulation. The developers have revised the warning for the Steam and Epic versions of the game and are working on updating it for other platforms.
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